Connected, smart, innovative.

Our mission is to create a future where buildings truly support its users – because our buildings understand people’s needs. Therefore we are driven by implementing new and smart technologies and services to create positive and sustainable change with added value for all stakeholders.


Real added value for everyone

Buildings, operators and services communicate with each other. They are connected to create optimal environments - for users, tenants and owners alike.


Intelligent buildings sense all activities and conditions and are able to react accordingly. Pure time-schedule based building controls are replaced by real-time, usage-based controls of all relevant building functions – to offer more convenience, efficiency and transparency.


Intelligent buildings provide users with smart features that make work and everyday life easier and more convenient. These smart features include smart parking, keyless entry, room-booking via mobile app, as well as services such as mobility solutions (e.g. carsharing) or deliveries.


Smart building technologies facilitate modern building management and are the prerequisite for efficient operations. Connected devices and smart meters deliver data on energy consumption and occupancy of a building as well as information on predictive maintenance. This allows operators to identify optimization potential and to realize cost or energy savings.


How intelligent buildings
change our lives:


Intelligent buildings learn to understand their users and are able to recognize their needs. They provide a better working atmosphere, higher productivity and increased employee satisfaction.


Connected technical building equipment and cutting-edge sensor technologies allow for optimal usage of the building – lowering operating cost and creating transparency.


Intelligent buildings sense all activities and conditions and are able to react accordingly. Real-time, usage-based building control ensures a responsible use of resources, leading to true sustainability.


Smart Building Features

An intelligent building learns the preferred settings of the users and automatically adapts to their respective needs.


Human Centric Lighting and automatic lighting provide ideal working conditions.


Good work atmosphere:
A highly sensitive and fine-mesh sensor network automatically creates the optimal room temperature.

Air quality

Good air, good work:
The indoor climate can be monitored in real-time via sensors and users can select individual settings. Thus the building contributes to the well-being and productivity of the users and is extremely energy-efficient.


Always up to date:
Predictive Maintenance ensures optimal building operation with ideally scheduled maintenance. This means fewer outages due to defects and higher user satisfaction.


Applications for more comfort:
From individual comfort settings at the workplace to optimal space occupancy to indoor navigation.


All done:
Shopping after work? The delivery service will take care of it. Spontaneous use of mobility services? Car-sharing, e-scooters and rental bikes are just around the corner. Going out for lunch during your break? Simply reserve via the app at the restaurant around the corner. With a wide range of additional services, work and life can be combined even better.


Standard in the future:
Technology is developing rapidly. Intelligent buildings enable connectivity between building and people already today and they offer a high flexibility that makes buildings future-proof. Functioning interfaces create seamless processes and services.


Perfectly organized:
Naturally, this includes optimal usage of the workstation. All available rooms are displayed on the app and can be booked immediately - with necessary technical equipment if required.

Defect management

Quick fix:
Possible defects in the building can easily be reported to the responsible authority via the app and can thus be quickly remedied - without any calls or time-consuming waiting loops on the phone.

Access control

Keyless entry:
Access to the intelligent building is via smartphone. Searching for your keys and forgotten access cards are a thing of the past.


Enter the future today

Welcome to the working world of tomorrow, where buildings are capable of learning and are responsive to the user's needs. Discover the added value of intelligent real estate live in the AIRE Smart Lab and see for yourself how it not only makes future work smarter.


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